Eco-Friendly Postal Boxes – What’s Better Than Traditional Packaging?

If you are thinking about venturing into an online business, then one of the first things you need to look out for is postal boxes. Many people think that these are the same thing, but they aren’t. They aren’t! They do have a lot in common however, especially when it comes to speed, security and ease of use. So what are the differences between postal and commercial boxes?


There are actually four major differences between Commercial and Residential Mailing Boxes: size, efficiency, protection and the un-boxing experience cardboard boxes. For example, the best postal boxes for ecommerce are generally larger than your standard domestic ones. This allows for protection against loss and damage, which is one of the primary benefits of purchasing them. They are also much larger, giving you a greater surface area for packing your items in and shipping them to your customers.


When it comes to size, residential boxes are generally smaller than their commercial counterparts, although this is starting to change as more companies opt for multi-store retail packaging solutions. The size of the mailbox that you choose will depend on many factors including your customer demographic, how large your premises is and whether or not you are looking at offering a post office box or a post office location on your premises. A larger postal box will generally be able to accommodate heavier packages, but if you are using this type of service then you should always ensure that there is space in your main office or shop. In order to provide the most efficient service, it is always advisable to buy larger sized mailboxes because otherwise you will find yourself with long waiting times.


On the subject of size, both commercial and residential postal boxes are available in various sizes and hence you can be certain that no matter what your needs you will always be able to find the perfect one for you. One of the big advantages to these types of packaging is that you can purchase them from either private companies or the larger United States Post Office (USPS). If you have the money and are willing to wait for a long time before the item reaches you, then by all means consider private companies because you may very well save yourself money in the long run. The only disadvantage of purchasing a private company’s po box or a USPS is that the items sent to you will not be covered by any insurance.


As far as the various kinds of eco-friendly postal boxes go, you can find everything from environmentally friendly boxes made from recycled cardboard to ones which are covered with recycled plastic and finally there are those which are made of all-natural wood. No matter what your particular preference may be, you are sure to find the perfect eco-friendly postage boxes suitable for your requirements. As an added extra, you can also often purchase jewellery covers to go with your new PO boxes.


To further reduce the effect of shipping carbon emissions, many companies now use water-based printers to create labels on their eco-friendly postal boxes instead of standard stamping. This is a more energy efficient method as using stamps will require more paper and more energy, both of which are likely to increase global warming. You can also help out the environment by reusing any excess packaging that you do not want to discard. There are many websites available that specializes in providing businesses with free and eco-friendly packaging solutions, so why not browse online until you find something suitable? The internet is also a great place to find cheap postage stamps that you can use to replace any unused stamp with a brand new one.